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9 09, 2013

First BitCoin ATM coming to Canada

By | September 9th, 2013|Technology|0 Comments

Getting a jump on BitCoin - Canada has decided to install the first BitCoin ATM in the cities of Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. If you've had any experience with BitCoins, you know how hard it actually is to gather them. Some people have servers running 24/7 just to get their hands on them. For [...]

6 09, 2013

BBM coming to iOS and Android

By | September 6th, 2013|Apple, Free|0 Comments

At first I was like wooo!!! And then I was like - what? The news that Blackberry Messenger will be available in iOS and Android devices might have been a huge deal a few years ago, but with Blackberry going down quickly, this almost seems irrelevant. The announcement was first made last May, but Alex [...]

30 08, 2013

Want to be a Spy?

By | August 30th, 2013|Government, Review, Technology|0 Comments

Are you a rogue agent hiding from the government? Or just a concerned citizen with some really cool things to hide... If so, this is for you. The OFF Pocket is the latest end-all be-all gadget to have. With phones now being trackable and hackable, the case blocks all signals from coming through to your [...]

30 08, 2013

Just Delete Me from the Internet

By | August 30th, 2013|Technology, Web|0 Comments

Permanently deleting yourself from the internet can be hard. First, you have to remember every single profile you've created ever (and we know how tough that can be!) Then you have to figure out how to actually delete your profile from said website... and that's not as simple as you would think. Many companies use [...]

26 08, 2013

Facebook releases embedded posts

By | August 26th, 2013|Facebook, Web|0 Comments

A few months ago, Facebook announced that they would allow for embedded posts. This means that with a click of a button, a code will be generated allowing users to add their favorite posts and share them on the blogs. As of the end of August 2013, the feature has been rolled out to all [...]

22 08, 2013

Windows 8 banned by HWBot benchmarking and overclocking site

By | August 22nd, 2013|Microsoft, Technology|0 Comments

If you would like to call this an odd turn of events, it seems that Windows 8 just continues to fail - much to Microsoft's surprise. Windows 8 has been banned from HWBot, one of the world’s top benchmarking and overclocking communities. HWBot is a massive online database of benchmark records, covering most of the [...]

21 08, 2013

Google blackout – Aug 16, 2013

By | August 21st, 2013|Google, Web|0 Comments

On Friday, August 16, 2013, at 4:37pm Pacific Time, Google blacked out for 2 minutes. Panicked ensued in the world. The blackout included the downtime of services for Youtube, Gmail, GoogleTalk, and most notably, Google search, leaving the world at a complete standstill. As reported by GoSquared: Google.com was down for a few minutes between 23:52 [...]

14 08, 2013

AppleTV3 jailbreak workaround

By | August 14th, 2013|Apple, Free, Technology|0 Comments

For everyone that didn't jump on board with the AppleTV2, it seems as though a jailbreak for the AppleTV gen 3 is further and further away. The jailbreak community has not done any progress on a possible jailbreak for the third generation of the product, causing ATV2 prices to soar up to $400. Worry not, [...]

6 08, 2013

Chrome Lacks Security When Saving Passwords

By | August 6th, 2013|Google|0 Comments

I think it's fair to say that recently, we've all been extra paranoid when it comes to our privacy and personal information. The NSA scandal has made us all aware of what we say and where we say it, and it has definitely made users more wary of how they choose their passwords (and if [...]

1 08, 2013

How to Set up Google’s 2-Step Verification

By | August 1st, 2013|Free, Google|0 Comments

In recent weeks, several reports have surfaced about Google's Gmail having been compromised and passwords stolen all around the world. Due to these reports, the tech giant has recently implemented a 2-step verification procedure, buffing up security and making it nearly impossible for someone to hijack your account. What is two-step verification? 2-step verification requires [...]

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