6 06, 2015

Little Bits Savannah Chapter Leaders

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All children are born gifted.  We believe that when you put technology in the hands of children it will change the world.  Digital Doc has teamed up with the Urban Stem Academy, Creative Coast, Hot Coffee Club and littleBits to provide local bright and young minds in our community access to cool technology that can alter the course [...]

24 01, 2013

Microsoft Office Alternatives

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Let's get one thing clear - Office for Mac is fully compatible with Office on Windows. Regardless of what operating system you are using, do not let anyone scare you out a particular preference, or into buying expensive software when there are many alternatives out there. There will always be differences when using two different [...]

12 12, 2012

iMovie alternative: Shave

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Apple appears to have completely forgotten about their iLife package and instead has decided to focus their efforts on improving hardware and making fancy gadgets. That’s great – except for the people that actually use iLife and have been waiting for a major improvement for years. While iTunes was recently completely redesigned, Garageband, iPhoto, and iMovie are [...]

3 12, 2012

CPU Temperature – How hot is too hot?

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I constantly hear people complain that their CPU is too hot, and they don’t know whether to be concerned or not. Depending on the processor, the manufacturer, how fast it runs, where the sensor is located, and what programs the system is currently running will you be able to determine what the temperature of the [...]

24 10, 2012

Why The Desktop PC Will Never Die

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Over the past few years we have seen many innovators in the computer world claim that the era of the desktop PC is coming to an end. Stating that the mobile world is taking over, bringing with it highly portable devices such as the latest Windows 8 tablet and the new iPad. But can we really live without our desktop PC’s? There is a time and place for mobile devices. Yes they are extremely portable, and yes as each year passes they become more powerful and include a whole new range of features. But nothing comes close to the convenience, power and efficiency of a desktop PC when in an office environment. Sure the latest tablet or smartphone is great for conducting business on the go. They fit nicely in your pocket, look great and make displaying presentations during meetings and performing basic tasks a breeze, but serious work is best left to the desktop PC. Here are a number of reasons why the desktop computer is not yet dead. Desktop PC’s don’t cost much Compare the latest laptop with a desktop and you will soon notice which one comes in at much less of a cost. Laptop’s need to be portable and mobile, which reflects directly on the cost of the device since various parts and components need to be engineered so they can fit inside your laptop. Desktop components however don’t necessarily need to be so tight on size. They can be a lot larger due to the far greater size of a desktop tower. Desktop PC’s have more power Laptop processors come nowhere near the sheer power of those featured in desktop computers. While those included in various mobile and tablet devices don’t even come close. Desktop computers have no restrictions in terms of energy or power, since they are plugged in directly to a socket in the wall. The can be surrounded by a number of fans, or even a liquid cooling system that prevents them from overheating and allows them to perform at an incredibly high level for extended periods of time. Desktop PC’s can utilize a number of peripherals As mobile devices and laptops become thinner and smaller in size, the connectivity in terms of ports usually pays the price. How many USB ports does your laptop have? What about your tablet? Most desktops include a minimum of four USB ports, some feature even more. Not only this but they come with a range of other high end connectivity options including eSATA, VGA, DVI, HDMI and a number of audio lines. Desktops PC’s can increase their screen size With increased screen ‘real estate’ comes increased productivity (or so studies tell us). But how big is the largest laptop screen available? 17.3 inches is about the biggest you can find on today’s market, but even at this size it becomes very bulky and difficult to carry around. When it comes to a desktop PC, 20 or 24 inch monitors are standard. With a decent graphics card you can even support four or more additional monitors. Just think of all that extra productivity and work you can get done. Desktop’s are secure No one is going to run off with your desktop from the library, or the train, or even the cafe down the road. The truth is your desktop stay’s in your office, at home or at work. Making them far less likely to be the victim of theft. Even better, because desktops are bulky and a pain to move. They pretty much stay in the same place for their entire lives. Therefore they don’t suffer from the same dings, scratches and accidental drops as our favorite mobile, tablet or laptop devices do throughout their time. Making them last much, much longer. […]

8 10, 2012

Top 5 Virus Removal Tools for your Mac

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The amount of viruses your computer is potentially exposed to everyday doesn’t bear thinking about. Without a high quality virus removal tool for your Mac, surfing the web will be fraught with danger. Once your computer is hit with a virus, it will be useless until the offending virus is removed. Thankfully, there are a host of fantastic virus removal tools available for the Mac. Below are 5 of the very best. 5 – Flashback Malware Removal Tool From Apple This is the official removal tool of Apple and is specifically designed to ensure that the Flashback Trojan hasn’t infected your Mac. It is effectively the same as the Apple Java for Lion Update 2012-003 in terms of the removal tool used. If and when malware is found, dialog will immediately show up to tell you that malware was discovered and destroyed. In order to permanently remove the Flashback malware, you may have to restart your computer. 4 – Kaspersky Flashback Removal Tool Kaspersky are renowned for their Windows products and they have set their sights on the Mac market. Their anti-virus products have won awards and now they have released their own Flashback removal tool to help disinfect Mac computers. Their lab recently analyzed the Flashfake botnet and found that almost 700,000 computers were infected, 98% of which were Mac computers. Their removal tool is free to download and has been praised for its effectiveness. 3 – Intego Virus Barrier X6 This is the only removal tool on the list that will set you back any cash. It costs $59.95 and comes from a company with a burgeoning reputation in the world of Internet security. If any viruses slip through the net, Virus Barrier X6 is extremely quick to remove them. It has also proven to be most effective when it comes to the aforementioned Flashfake botnet issue. 2 – Sophos This is free to download and is an extremely handy little tool when it comes to removing viruses. All you need to do is download, click and watch it scan. It removes every virus it finds and gives you a detailed report to boot. One issue is a recent update that classified the Sophos antivirus update as malware. This mistake caused major confusion and is a large blot on an otherwise spotless record. 1 – ClamXav2 This is seen by many as the best free virus scanner for Mac OS X. An open source antivirus engine is used (ClamAV) and it can find and destroy threats on Windows and Mac computers. It clearly lists all infected files, has an incredibly easy to use interface and a toolbar that can be customized. The ClamXav Sentry monitors your hard drive constantly and scans new files as soon as they arrive. Files can be selected and placed in the trash with one click. Computer viruses are part and parcel of surfing the web. There is a huge number of malware and viruses that can infect your Mac but thanks to the virus removal tools above, you can quickly and effectively detect and destroy them without having to pay a fortune. […]

9 08, 2012

Dell Computer Repair Partners

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Since the beginning, Digital Doc has been involved with repairing computers for all types of makes and models.  We have been a Dell Registered Partner for the last 3+ years.  In our computer repair shop, we focus on backing up data, fixing problems efficiently, and finding creative solutions so that our clients can avoid these [...]

8 08, 2012

Men are More Likely to Backup their Data than Women

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Did you know that Men are more likely to do things like backup their computer data than women? It is not a contest, nor should it be a competition. The main issue is that over here at Digital Doc Computer Repair, we like to hear when our customers backup their data regularly. According to Seagate [...]

27 04, 2012

Download Videos from Facebook

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Have you ever seen a great video on Facebook that you wanted to download and use? Although we do not condone copyright infringement, we do support freedom of information.  As always you need to be careful when viewing videos on Facebook.  Some links may contain a computer virus or you may get hacked, so please [...]

16 04, 2012

How to Avoid Losing Irreplaceable Data

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Do you procrastinate about backing up your computer? You’re hardly alone. But it’s a risky practice. Just think of the irreplaceable data stored on your computer—legal records, family photos, confidential client information, financial data and more. All it takes a computer virus, system crash, lost laptop or over-confident computer game-playing kid and you’re in trouble. [...]

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