iMac and Macbook Repair

Macbook™ and iMac™ Computer Repair

Digital Doc loves Apple™, the sleek designs and ability to scale for designers, students and professionals is great.  We fix all Mac products in house and we use original Apple parts when available. Isn’t it great when you have a certified Apple technician looking at your device and giving you a diagnosis? We provide that along with fast service on all of our Apple repairs.  Although we are not an authorized warranty repair shop, we can fix everything you bring in with an Apple logo.  We are happy to help assist you regardless of the issue.  Our technicians are fast, friendly and knowledgable about all Apple products.


Immediately unplug your computer and shut it down completely. Do this by removing the power cord from your macbook or macbook pro. Then hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds. You should hear the computer power down and no longer see any blinking or fading lights on the computer. If possible (on older models) you can remove the battery on the bottom of the computer. Call us immediately or bring in your laptop to our office (912) 228-5968. Store your laptop in a cool dry place and if you have a fan place it facing the computer to dry it off.
There are a many reasons your macbook will run slow. It can either be from the software running on your computer, or the hardware components inside. It is possible that the hard drive is having issues and should be checked immediately. One of our certified technicians would be happy to assist you with diagnosing your slow computer issues. Sometime’s it is as easy as installing additional RAM or cleaning out temporary files professionally from your macbook. We are happy to assist you to extend the life of your macbook.
Sometimes your Mac will not boot up. Are you getting a blank screen or a Folder with a Question Mark icon? Or do you think your charger finally powered on its last charge? We can fix that! Digital Doc will diagnose what your macbook issues are and we fix all apple computers. If you are able to bring in the computer to us we are happy to help. You can always schedule an onsite appointment with our trustworthy certified technicians.
The team at Digital Doc have consistently impressed me with their professionalism and ability to follow through on large and small projects. I would recommend them for any small business looking to grow.
Cale Hall, Creative Approach
“Eric and his team at Digital Doc have been a critical part of our operations since we brought them on board a couple of years ago. In a building that lacks proper Internet infrastructure, Eric has kept us online and serving our customers with very little downtime. They are reliable, capable, and, most importantly, only a phone call away.”
John Katz, Savannah Sand Gnats