Virus Removal


Most viruses are harmless. But you do not want to wait to remove them. Some trojan and worm viruses can extort you for money and leave you with a slow and non-working computer. The best thing to do is to shut down your computer and get it diagnosed. We remove most viruses in under 48 hours. We are fast, friendly and affordable.
Sometimes a virus will make your computer run slow. The point of a computer virus is to either steal information, abuse your computer for the purposes of infecting more computer, or just inflicting harm on your files. We know it can be very frustrating when your computer runs slow, but it doesn’t always mean that there is a virus. We can diagnose your computer and give you the answers you need.
Are you getting a blank screen or a blue screen? Are you having trouble logging in and keeping your computer running? We can fix that! Digital Doc will diagnose what your computer issues. We fix all makes, models and types of computers in our office. We even make house calls to your home or office. If you are able to bring in the computer to us we are happy to help. You can always schedule an onsite appointment with our trustworthy certified technicians.

Happy Patients

The team at Digital Doc have consistently impressed me with their professionalism and ability to follow through on large and small projects. I would recommend them for any small business looking to grow.
Cale Hall, Creative Approach
“Eric and his team at Digital Doc have been a critical part of our operations since we brought them on board a couple of years ago. In a building that lacks proper Internet infrastructure, Eric has kept us online and serving our customers with very little downtime. They are reliable, capable, and, most importantly, only a phone call away.”
John Katz, Savannah Sand Gnats

Computer Virus Removal

Viruses can attack any machine and any device. Get protected and make sure your files are safe by getting a diagnosis. Do not let just anyone take control of your computer and “help you” uninstall viruses.  We are certified and professional technicians that are experts in removing viruses and malware from any computer.  We know windows and mac osx inside and out.  There is a reason why we are rated #1 for computer repair and virus removal.  We can help you remotely, in office or we will make a house call to your office or home.  It’s that easy to install a virus, and with one call from Digital Doc, we will get rid of all the junk installed on your computer.  Most virus removals can be done for $75. For some cases and generally difficult cases will be more. We remove the malware, worms, trojan horses, spyware and really anything that messes up your computer.

Virus Removal starts at $75

You can call us any time to get a diagnosis (912) 228-5968. Our expert technicians know how to remove all types of computer viruses. In fact we remove trojan viruses, worms, ransomeware, malware, spyware and anything that could potentially harm your PC. Did you know that even MAC computers get viruses too! Yep we remove those as well. Most viruses just slow down your computer. Some of them try to steal your identity or force you to pay money. The worst virus is ransomeware. The software locks your files with an encryption and forces you to pay money before a certain date or else you will lose your files. It’s a terrible thing that hackers do to extort people for money. We know that we can remove all these types of viruses of you bring the computer into us as soon as possible! So do not delay as it could get worse. Call us to setup an appointment, or walk right into our office.

Just because your computer is slow, does not always mean you have a virus. It could mean there is something else much worse. Please call us and we will give you a diagnosis!

Looking for a free virus scanner?  We will diagnose any virus for you and give you the answers you need.
We offer remote virus scanning and cleaning. You can trust us because we are voted and rated the number one computer repair shop in Savannah.  It’s a fact that we care more about your computer.