1. Windows 8 runs on a separate operating systems and require different apps and programming in order to run the operating system. Windows 10 will share the same apps and functions on all Windows OS devices.
  2. Windows 10 now has a new function that Windows 8 did not have…Cortana. Cortana is similar to Apple’s Siri, but it is supposed to have more capabilities when interacting with the users.
  3. Windows 10 will support the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standard. Which means that users can sign into common apps using biometric tools. Which means no more worrying about forgetting your password when trying to access your device’s apps.
  4. Windows 10 has a new web browser, its name is Spartan. It will enable Windows 10 users to do functions that normally could not happen, like write or type on a webpage. Spartan also has Cortana built into the Spartan program to help with whatever you need.
  5. Windows 10 has the much missed start menu that was taken out in the Windows 8 update. The start menu now has more functions than it did before and it kept the Live Tiles from Windows 8 which was helpful when people needed it.


Windows 10 has many functions that Windows 8 did not have. Windows 10 is projected to be the most popular update, even more so than Windows 7. Windows 10 looks like it will turn out to be a update that people have been waiting for from Windows ever since Windows 8 was launched.