When summer beats down and the AC units turn on it sure does feel great to stay indoors.  Of course, most lucky computers get a chance to stay inside. But sometimes with mobile devices, and traveling, you can end up outside with a computer. We want to share with you tips for keeping your mobile device safe in the heat. Here are the 5 Mobile Device Heat Safety Tips we fund for you.

#1 Do Not Leave Your Mobile Device Out in the Middle of the Day!

It sounds pretty simple but between lunchtime and the mid afternoon is the hottest part of the day. Make sure your phone is put away either in a bag or purse so that it does not get exposed to too much sun (or moisture from a pool or the ocean!) The sun’s rays can damage the plastic and metal and create discolorization. This is not only bad for the electronics inside but also won’t bode well if you try to re-sell your device later on down the road.

#2 Keep a Safe Distance From Water

For those of you who bare the elements with no case or one that lacks water protection, I am talking to you. ALWAYS keep your mobile device clear from water.  If you are at the pool, try putting your device up and out of the way from water.  Sometimes water from a pool can lap over the edge and run down and hit your phone.  Try putting it on top of a towel (but covered from the sun). For the sea-dwelling travelers, you also have to worry about sand as well as water. I suggest you put your phone in a zip-lock bag. It lets you still use the “touch” features while protecting it from sand and moisture.

#3 Keep it Cool

Most mobile devices put out a lot of heat. It gets dissipated thanks to the incredibly small heatsinks and ingenuity from the engineers. But the average acceptable heat range for an iPhone is -4 to 113 degrees.  If your phone goes over this then you can risk permanently damaging the internal components (which are super tiny, trust me I have fixed a ton of them)

Try turning your GPS off or close apps while you are outside to reduce the heat.

The goal is to keep your mobile device at room temperature, so anything you do to control that is best. (Heck try leaving it at home for once!)

#4 Turn it Off

Another simple solution to the problem. Try turning your phone off so that no energy is being pumped through your mobile device.  That way it is less likely to heat up and have issues. We love simple solutions, don’t you?

#5 Leave it Inside

My last tip for you is the safest bet. You can always leave your mobile device inside. That nice cool AC you are pumping out while you bask in the sun (or shade) is there to keep your mobile device nice and cool.  So the next time you bring your phone, tablet, laptop or any other mobile device with you on a trip, think about leaving it inside.

If you liked these tips or want to know more, feel free to call Digital Doc.  Mac and PC Computer Repair.