There are more and more threats hiding on the Internet waiting for the slightest hint of missing by the user to allow them to infect the computer, take control of the system and be able to carry out the computer attack for which it has been designed. Modern operating systems, especially Windows 10, have a large number of protection systems that help us avoid falling into the clutches of these hackers, although nowadays it is still necessary to have a good antivirus installed that protects us from all the malware and dangerous applications that can quickly end up on our computer.

Today we can find a lot of antivirus on the market; many of them free, others payment, some more effective against threats, others less useful, and others that just like having nothing installed on our computer.

AV-Test is a platform known for testing the leading antivirus in the market on the same system and facing the same threats to know the best antivirus in terms of protection, system performance, and usability. Although many users still think that a good antivirus has to be paid for, in reality, things are no longer that way, and that is what we can find high, totally free security solutions capable of protecting our computer with total efficiency.

Next, we will see which are the best free antivirus for Windows 10 according to the latest AV-Test tests corresponding to April 2019.

The best free antivirus for Windows 10

AV-Test gives the “Top Product “” label to an antivirus that gets better grades in their tests, which show that these antiviruses are suitable to protect our computer and minimize the probability of an infection while we are connected to the Internet.

Windows 10 comes by default with Windows Defender, the antivirus from Microsoft, which in recent years has dramatically improved to achieve the distinctive “Top Product” from AV-Test, producing a higher score in protection and usability, and faltering a bit in performance, especially when installing applications known in the system. If we are Windows 10 users, this is undoubtedly one of the best antiviruses we can have installed, and with it, we will be completely protected.

Another of the best free antivirus we can find to protect Windows 10 according to AV-Test tests is Avast Antivirus. This is one of the most veteran free antiviruses we can find on the network and has been protecting users for many years.

According to the tests that have been carried out, this antivirus obtains the maximum grade in performance and usability, although it is true that in the protection it loosens a little, earning 5.5 points over the six total. Even so, it has won the “Top Product “” award, so it is also recommended to protect our operating system from Internet threats.

The other antivirus that has been scanned by AV-Test are antivirus unknown, antivirus well-known but in their paid versions (as well as Avira, which is also an excellent option for securing Windows 10, AVG, the same thing. And even Bitdefender, which has a free version which shares the engine with the suite of payment) or anti-virus that by some reasons or other have not managed to get the best score in the safety testing and performance and, therefore, we do not recommend to install on Windows 10, and unless having an excellent alternative as Windows Defender.

Many users have asked us many times about Panda Antivirus, the well-known Spanish security suite. On this occasion, Panda is not among the antivirus analyzed, and to see its reliability, we must go back to December 2018, the last time it was explained by this independent company, not getting a “Top Product” primarily because of the known performance problems of this antivirus.