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Google Chrome Autofill Privacy Issues

We’ve all been there – fill out a form for an online shopping spree and tada! Google Chrome magically fills in all your information. What you don’t see is all the extra information being inputted in the form. Did you know that Chrome still pushes out all the information saved even though it doesn’t appear

CPU Temperature – How hot is too hot?

I constantly hear people complain that their CPU is too hot, and they don’t know whether to be concerned or not. Depending on the processor, the manufacturer, how fast it runs, where the sensor is located, and what programs the system is currently running will you be able to determine what the temperature of the

Top 5 Virus Removal Tools for your Mac

The amount of viruses your computer is potentially exposed to everyday doesn’t bear thinking about. Without a high quality virus removal tool for your Mac, surfing the web will be fraught with danger. Once your computer is hit with a virus, it will be useless until the offending virus is removed. Thankfully, there are a

Write a Time Capsule Email.

Have you ever wanted to remind yourself about your past.  Perhaps a rough time of your life, or a time when you are happy and “high on life”.  Well now you can write yourself an email and have it sent far into the future. Try using Future Me email service. It is free and fun