When your hard drive runs slow to a halt, or crashes completely we can help.  We know it is scary when your har drive crashes. Any Hard Drive Repair can be diagnosed by Digital Doc for free. Lucky for you, we have successfully recovered over 94.75% of all hard drive data that gets brought to our care.  We diagnose all hard drives in our office. Our expert technicians can recover hard drive data faster than most because of our unique process.  Does your Hard Drive have a clicking noise or not even spin?  That’s okay!  We recover data from external hard drives, internal laptop and desktop hard drives.  After doing this for 10+ years we have become experts in taking care of your data.  We also offer a service to put your data onto a fresh new external drive.  In some rare cases where we cannot recover your data within our office, we have partnered with an expert service partners who can take apart your hard drive and locate the damaged areas.  It’s always best to backup your computer and hard drive.  We suggest three backups, online, external and the original drive. If you want to see the best hard drives out there checkout our partner Backblaze and their hard drive reliability report.