Are you a serial Facebook check-inner? (that’s a verb now, deal with it.)

Good news for you! This Holiday season, Facebook is teaming up with Cisco to provide free Wifi with every check-in. The CMX for Facebook (Cisco Connected Mobile Experience with Facebook Wi-Fi) uses a merchant’s existing router and broadband subscription in conjunction with the CMX for Facebook Wi-Fi software to create a special landing page for anyone trying to access the business’ Wi-Fi. The first beta has just finished testing in Toronto.


CMX for Facebook Wifi can bring great benefits for both businesses and shoppers.

On the business side of things, there is the chance to run online, on-site, and and social analytics.

The ability to capture new customers and keep existing customers by delivering more value is essential to continued growth in all customer-facing industries. Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) allows customers to connect through your onsite Wi-Fi. It opens a direct channel of communication that lets you better understand and deliver what your customers want.

– Cisco Systems

By tracking check-ins, the business can also become more aware of times with higher traffic, making sure they are staffed correctly and be able to optimize the consumer’s experience on-site.

For consumers, of course, there is the possibility of free Wifi while they shop. While this is just the beginning, there are possible perks to come, much like what Foursquare check-ins currently offer.

Privacy Concerns

For everyone worried about their privacy – or likewise worried about spamming their friends and family – there is a posting privacy option. The user can easily decide to post privately.

For those who do not want to check in at all, they can keep scrolling below to the “Skip check-in” option.

Getting the CMX for Facebook Wifi

As of today, CMX for Facebook Wifi is only available at a coffee shop in the San Francisco bay area and at Bloomin’ Brands Bonefish Grill. Facebook and Cisco will begin rolling out availability within the next few weeks.