The amount of viruses your computer is potentially exposed to everyday doesn’t bear thinking about. Without a high quality virus removal tool for your Mac, surfing the web will be fraught with danger. Once your computer is hit with a virus, it will be useless until the offending virus is removed. Thankfully, there are a host of fantastic virus removal tools available for the Mac. Below are 5 of the very best.

5 – Flashback Malware Removal Tool From Apple
This is the official removal tool of Apple and is specifically designed to ensure that the Flashback Trojan hasn’t infected your Mac. It is effectively the same as the Apple Java for Lion Update 2012-003 in terms of the removal tool used. If and when malware is found, dialog will immediately show up to tell you that malware was discovered and destroyed. In order to permanently remove the Flashback malware, you may have to restart your computer.

4 – Kaspersky Flashback Removal Tool
Kaspersky are renowned for their Windows products and they have set their sights on the Mac market. Their anti-virus products have won awards and now they have released their own Flashback removal tool to help disinfect Mac computers. Their lab recently analyzed the Flashfake botnet and found that almost 700,000 computers were infected, 98% of which were Mac computers. Their removal tool is free to download and has been praised for its effectiveness.

3 – Intego Virus Barrier X6
This is the only removal tool on the list that will set you back any cash. It costs $59.95 and comes from a company with a burgeoning reputation in the world of Internet security. If any viruses slip through the net, Virus Barrier X6 is extremely quick to remove them. It has also proven to be most effective when it comes to the aforementioned Flashfake botnet issue.

2 – Sophos
This is free to download and is an extremely handy little tool when it comes to removing viruses. All you need to do is download, click and watch it scan. It removes every virus it finds and gives you a detailed report to boot. One issue is a recent update that classified the Sophos antivirus update as malware. This mistake caused major confusion and is a large blot on an otherwise spotless record.

1 – ClamXav2
This is seen by many as the best free virus scanner for Mac OS X. An open source antivirus engine is used (ClamAV) and it can find and destroy threats on Windows and Mac computers. It clearly lists all infected files, has an incredibly easy to use interface and a toolbar that can be customized. The ClamXav Sentry monitors your hard drive constantly and scans new files as soon as they arrive. Files can be selected and placed in the trash with one click.

Computer viruses are part and parcel of surfing the web. There is a huge number of malware and viruses that can infect your Mac but thanks to the virus removal tools above, you can quickly and effectively detect and destroy them without having to pay a fortune.

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