Small business owners across the world have begun to use the internet to peddle their wares. However the days of selling grandma’s knit-wares on Ebay and Etsy will find you plenty of competition. Many successful business owners realize that the 9-5 schedule is just the box in which you need to get out from underneath. So as a busy as we are as humans, how to we handle the family, pets, friends, kids, side-business and keep it all together? Using technology can help you enhance your business online. We often get asked questions on how to increase visibility online and to upgrade people with their webcams, microphones, laptops and webinar hosting software. But today specifically we got asked a pretty simple question from one of our favorite patients who is about to host a telesummit:

Do I need to buy a microphone, and if so which one should I get?

Even though most laptops come with embedded microphones, the quality can be terrible if you are in a noisy area. They also do not pick up a wide range of the sound spectrum, so your voice could sound truncated or choppy online. We suggest you look into a simple and cost effective USB style microphone that will make you sound crystal clear when you host a webinar, make an online sales call, or record a video or telesummit for your business. We looked through 20+ microphone manufacturers and come up with a low cost, medium and high end microphones for you. Take a look below and you can compare and shop for your own microphone. Please let us know what you think, and if you have experienced using any of these, we would love to hear about it!

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